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Sustainable Food and
Agriculture Working Group

Overview of the Food and Agriculture Working Group

Green New Deal Virginia’s Food & Agriculture Working Group brings together the needs of small scale farmers, underserved consumers, and local ecosystems to create policy that supports the shift toward a more localized, equitable food system that is not only resilient to the impacts of climate change but works to mitigate the risks caused by an increase in greenhouse gases emission. As industrial agriculture is one of the most significant sources of these pollutants in the United States and around the world, we view the project of tackling climate change as an opportunity to support small scale rural and urban farmers, promote soil health, increase access to healthy and affordable food options, and diversify rural economies. This session the Food & Agriculture Working Group is focused on two priorities:  


Priority One: Instate funding program for local food infrastructure projects


Priority Two: Promoting carbon sequestration and soil health through sustainable practices    


Stay tuned for the legislation we put out for the 2021 legislative session!


Building a more sustainable food system doesn’t just benefit our local ecosystems and waterways, it increases benefit for our farmers, our rural communities, and the most vulnerable among us.

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