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Democratic Governance
Working Group

Overview of the Green New Deal Virginia’s Democratic Governance Working Group 

Green New Deal Virginia’s Democratic Governance Working Group focuses on democratic
governance in Virginia. Is Virginia governance acting as it should be? Is there a focus on justice
and fairness? The Democratic Governance working group takes a comprehensive approach to its work. Areas included are climate change, voting rights protection, restoration of rights, campaign finance reform – corporations should not exhibit undue control, and a just and transparent transition to green energy. Some initiatives which are being considered are: automatic voter registration at the age of 17, campaign finance reform, creating an oversight committee on Rural Electric Cooperatives, further expansion of voting hours, joining the National Popular Vote State Compact, and much more!

Priority One: Continue the voting rights work which has begun in Virginia.

Priority Two: Create oversight on rural electric cooperatives – putting an end to proxy voting

Virginians must take an active role in protecting democracy! 

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