Outreach and Education Working Group

Overview of Outreach and Education Working Group

Green New Deal Virginia’s Outreach and Education Working Group focuses on engaging with the general public, coalition members, and elected officials in Virginia. Is Virginia as informed about the Green New Deal Virginia as it should be? We are here to make sure that the answer is “Yes!”  Our intent is to both share and receive information as described below.


Priority One: Listening to concerns of Virginians. 


Priority Two: Amplify the legislative priorities of each working group* and demonstrate how Virginians will benefit from GNDVA legislation.


Virginians must take an active role in the future of Virginia! If you are interested in supporting us and working with our team, please reach out to Working Group leader Natalie Pien, natcpien1@gmail.com 


* Coalition Working Groups:


  • DEER - defossilization, energy efficiency, & renewables

  • Financing the GNDVA

  • Food and Agriculture

  • Outreach and Education

  • Social Justice and Health Disparities

  • Sustainable Cities & Transportation

  • Sustainable Jobs

  • Democratic Governance