Sustainable Cities and
Transportation Working Group

Overview of Green New Deal Virginia’s Sustainable Cities and Transportation Working Group 

The Green New Deal Virginia, much like its predecessor, the New Deal, is designed as a series of policy changes that will fundamentally change the way we work and live. However, the focus across all areas will be how we can mitigate the damage caused by the Climate Crisis. The Sustainable Cities and Transportation working group is working on policies that prioritize equitable, affordable, and clean transportation systems, and built environments.  Built environments and transportation are two of the most significant contributors to carbon emissions in Virginia. However, they are both areas in which we can make sweeping and effective changes. This session the Sustainable Cities and Transportation working group is focusing on two priorities:


Priority 1- Advance Public Transit and Transit-Oriented Development


Priority 2 - Promote Cleaner Fuels; Advance Electric Vehicles


Transit is a colossal perpetrator in carbon emissions; we need to move away from fossil fuel and towards eclectic vehicles (EV’s) or fuel alternatives like biodiesel or hydrogen.  We also need to develop better public transit systems that serve all communities. Additionally, we must consider commercial transit and school buses as we look toward a cleaner future for all Virginians. 

Keep an eye out for more information about what the Sustainable Cities and Transportation working group is doing as we prepare for the next VA Legislative session.


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